What Causes Fascia to Rot?

Rotting fascia is a problem that cannot be ignored. If it is ignored, your home’s roof can face serious damages that require the need for a replacement. Other problems may also occur before this time, including leaks around the home, mold, and other damages. Knowing what causes the fascia to rot can help prevent this problem.

Leaky Gutters

The number one cause of fascia rot is leaky gutters. It is important to maintain the gutters on the home to prevent leaks and an abundance of other types of damage. If the gutters are not properly maintained, expect leaky gutters to eventually damage the fascia on the home, which can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Storm Damage

Storm damage is another common reason fascia rots. It’s something that you can also help protect your home against.  The fascia boards are weaker than other areas of the room, leaving him vulnerable to strong winds and other weather elements associated with a storm.

Age of Fascia/Roof

Sometimes it’s nothing more than the fascia age that causes rot to occur. Everything has its limits, including fascia. If the fascia is 20+ years old or older, it may very well be this culprit that causes damage.

Fascia Rot Repair Help is Available

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This is not a complete list of causes of fascia rot but is a look at the most common causes. Don’t fret because professionals can resolve the problem or prevent it before it occurs. With proper maintenance, keeping your home damage-free and appealing is so simple.

No matter what causes fascia rot, repairing it quickly is the key to a damage-free roof and home. You can always get on the phone to arrange carpentry services tucson to make repairs to rotted fascia before bigger problems erupt.