What Does a Bail Bondsman Do?

If you’ve ever watched a crime drama or had known someone in real life who was bailed out of jail, you have probably heard the term bail bondsman at some point. To the layman, it might not be entirely obvious what bail bondsmen like Chuck Brown II Bail Bonds do.

It might seem confusing, but it is really quite simple how the process works. Taking a closer look could help you see exactly how bail bondsmen help people in getting out of jail.

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How the Bail Bond Process Works

When someone goes to jail, depending on the reason they are placed there to begin with, they will be given a bail amount, which is the amount of money it will cost them to bail out. Sometimes, depending on the severity of the crime, this could be hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Naturally, not every family is going to be able to cover this when one of their own gets in trouble.

This is where bail bondsmen come in. The bail bondsman will put up the money for the defendant to bail out of jail, on the condition that the defendant shows up to their day in court. Bail is effectively a kind of deposit, allowing the defendant to go free as long as they promise to appear for their scheduled court date.

If the defendant shows up and the bail is paid off in full, then the bail will be returned, minus court fees, once the requirements set by the court for the defendant have been met. A bail bondman will charge a certain percentage of the total bail in exchange for their help (usually 10%-15%) which is not refundable.

If you ever find yourself in legal trouble and need assistance in getting out of jail, a bailbonds cleveland professional should be one of the first numbers you call. Show up for your court date and do everything required by the court, and you will be in the clear once again.